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Heather Giesbrecht

Being connected to spirit since a young age has shown me that the purest Connection to Spirit is through Love.  This brings a smooth authenticity to the Psychic Medium Readings that is channeled and more clear Energy Healing that is facilitated.


Psychic Medium Readings

To be in contact and connected to spirit in a psychic medium reading is an up lifting experience! Hearing from past loved ones/spirit can be a blessing for healing and answer questions with clarity.  


Energy Healing

Energy Healing can reset your system, body, mind, and soul to a healthier look and feel.  Like pushing back a veil, the energy brings clarity, pain release, and healing to see life in a whole different way.
*Pregnant Clients can only have Energy Healing in the 3rd trimester* 



Psychic Medium Readings

Peace of mind brings peace in the heart.  Become in touch with past loved ones and higher spirit allowing yourself to heal.  Spirit will provide validation information/memories to let us know they are still with us, also giving us a glimpse of what is yet to come in the future.

What to Expect in a Reading!

Connection with loved ones usually happens first in the reading!  This hooks up the flow and channel of energy creating accurate information for contact with spirit and to get clear future information for clients.  Connecting can be from people we knew, animals, also hard to reach spirits.  In the Reading I like to go through Career, Health, Money, Love and answer questions you might have.  At the end of the reading  we address Angel number messages that may have come through my clock when spirit is near for a little extra gift from spirit and higher energy. 

Energy Healing

This healing technique is done with Star Magic™ with accents of Theta Healing®, Integrated Energy Therapy®, Reiki and Sage cleansing on a comfortable massage table in the silence with relaxing music.  During sessions information will be down loaded into my mind on which service is needed, what needs to be healed,  what the energetic vibes need to do in the body, and what Spirit Animal messages are for you.  After the session I will discuss some key information about your body and why it functions in certain ways. 

Long Distance Healing

We connect through the phone, messenger, or Skype before the session.  During the session it is recommended you lay down in a comfortable space to enjoy the healing.  After the session I will call the client to discuss what was healed, share Spirit Animals, Angel numbers, and information.

*Pregnant Clients can only have Energy Healing  in the 3rd trimester*

What does Energy Healing Feel like?

Energy Healing feels like a spa for the insides of your body!  During the session the mind is usually put into a Theta brain wave state.  This feels like you are dreaming, but still can hear what is going on around you with your eyes closed.   Some clients experience lots and some little, depending how open you are and sensitive.  Most occurrences are blue and purple swirls in the mind, visions, and waves of energy through the muscles in the body. Some see past lives or even the same spirit animals that I see.  In any shape or form your Energy Healing session is  the healing that is facilitated for what  you need in that moment and time.

What can Energy Healing do for you!

  • Emotional Clarity
  • Energize the Body
  • Body Alignment 
  • Nightmare Release
  • Pain Relief /Head Ache Release
  • Balancing Depression/Anxiety 
  • Trauma Release 
  • Shadow Parasite Release
  • Stress Elimination
  • Chakra Balance
  • Healing beyond the Consensus mind

The Energy Healing I Am Certified In

Star Magic Healing™

Facilitator level 1


Star Magic Healing bases its healing techniques on Soul Technology rooted in Love, not in Logic.  Being gentle  on the body, Star Magic™ can access all levels in the body, mind, and spirit to achieve rapid holistic healing with facilitated light frequencies, codes and the stars.  The body energetically is connected to star systems to clear disease efficiently, balancing negative parallel realities, past lives, traumas, also eliminating shadow parasites, hardware, pain in the body, and dissolving of unwanted connections.  Star Magic™ promotes light as fuel for the bodies DNA,  charging it powerfully, for energetic  longer satisfying results.  Creating clearer awareness on what needs to happen  in life. 

Theta Healing®


Certified Advanced Practitioner 


Reveals blocks in your unconscious mind.  Identifying issues with this life and past lives, negative blocks, wellness problems, broken heart/soul, unwanted energy hooks, curses, etc.  This powerful yet safe positive method is connected to The Creator Of All There Is.  This re-adjustment of the body, mind, and soul can set you on the right path, open up hope on a healthy outlook on life. 



Certified Master


Adapts to the needs of the recipient.  Promoting personal awareness, Reiki is used for balancing energy in the body.  This technique can foster natural self-healing, relieve pain/discomfort, reduce stress, enhance focus, and help relax the body and mind.

Integrated Energy Therapy®


Certified Practitioner 


IET helps to release and reset the body in a positive boosting clarity.  This therapy is catered to emotion in the body.  Most aches and pains in our body are due to an overload of emotion in our system.  Using pure channeled energy from Angels, heavy unproductive negative blocks can be pulled energetically out of the tissues of the body safely.  This implements clear healing energy in the system, promoting the body to work with full potential of health.

Price List

Cash, Interact/debit, apple pay, Credit card, E-transfer, Cheque, Gift Certificate



Feel free to text, call, and Facebook message me with any inquiries you may have.  

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